Monthly Archives: April 2010

What takes up time in your business?

Creating a picture of your business showing the work to be done, whether ad hoc or routine will help to shape and control it.  One of the keys to managing any business area is to understand which tasks take up the most time, how much they cost and what value they add to the business.

Benefit can be achieved by understanding how the processes relate to each other.  Some may be unnecessary;  others may cause delays or lead to errors occurring.

In what proportion to each other in terms of time, cost and benefit added are management, customer facing activities and production.  How much of the time expended within your business is non-productive?

Some businesses map each of their process to improve quality, and to reduce errors and costs.  Where the processes are effective staff are usually more content than where the feel they are ineffective and wasteful.  This leads to a greater job satisfaction, reduced stress, less sickness and greater productivity.