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Managing our time

I’m fascinated about how we decide what we do and when.  With the rise of smart phones which can synchronise with our PCs has our control over our working lives improved?  Has this apparent increased level of control added anything positive?

Do we prefer to plan our lives with a pen and paper?  Does using a PC stifle our creativity?  Do we resist fearing we are being controlled by a machine?

It would be great to know your experiences.   Please have a look at this survey

Maximising profit in the economic downturn

Put simplistically there are two variables which will impact the overall performance of your business – costs and revenue. Let’s look at costs within a law firm.

Whilst at Legal IT I discussed the features and benefits of case management systems with several suppliers. Two important points arose.

Firstly, using a case management system linked directly to a time recording system stops time leakage. Immediately you start to prepare a document, make a phone call, or type an email the clock starts to record time. No opportunity for forgetting, and no need to back track at the end of the day trying to remember what you’ve done all day.

Secondly are you using the optimum ratio of fee earners to secretaries? The team needs be structured so the balance means maximum utilisation is achieved…. … and this doesn’t necessarily mean more fee earners per secretary. I’d like to know if anyone has ever researched this.

Legal IT

Went to the Legal IT exhibition to look at Case Management Systems. Looked in at the stands for DPS, Eclipse, Linetime, SOS and TFB. Unfortunately the IRIS stand was too busy and then ran out of time.
Fascinating talk on networks by Dr Karen Stephenson. She’d charted communications networks in various areas including the Whitehouse post 9/11 to establish why there were failures in the transfer of knowledge. Great stuff – well worth checking out her website.
Met a lawyer on the train who reckoned that those firms with mainly legal aid work would not be able to afford case management systems.

Welcome to my first blog

This is an experiment for me to find out whether there are real benefits in blogging. Is it a fad for techies? Or does it add real value to business?

My business is all about making other businesses operate more effectively, leading projects, reducing costs and improving profits. So for me blogging must add something to my business