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Unconsciously competent

tightropewalkerDo we accept that to grow as an individual or a business we need to develop new skills?

Understanding our need to grow as a concept is relatively easy but connecting with it can be more challenging. Accepting the need at an intellectual level is simple but accepting at the heart level is very different.

The fear of failure can be daunting. The prospect of wasted money and effort may make it seem not worth the risk.

Let’s consider how we become good at something.

Initially we are unconsciously incompetent. At this stage we are totally unaware that we are not performing well or that we could improve. We need a trigger to enable us to see this. The trigger might be a dissatisfied customer, the failure to achieve a sale, or even a poor performance review.

At this point we have become consciously incompetent. We begin to realise we need to improve and are aware of our weaknesses. We may get a slightly uneasy feeling. We begin to improve. Gradually we become consciously competent. Now we’re able to work to a standard we feel satisfied with and want to maintain. However, if we don’t continue to really focus on the task we lose our effectiveness. Concentration is key.

True success occurs when we are unconsciously competent. This is when we don’t have to put major effort into the task we can relax and enjoy it. In organisational terms the change has become normal. Minimal effort is required to maintain it. Output is high and so is satisfaction.